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Why Partner with AfWASA ICE 2025?

Your company has the opportunity to benefit significantly from exposure to a relevant and influential audience in an informal yet informative environment away from the competition of everyday distractions. The delegates are the leaders in their field. Congress delegates are keen to improve their knowledge. Aligning your company with this powerful educational experience demonstrates your commitment to the sector and in assisting delegate’s professional development.

Your company’s involvement, commitment and support for AfWASA ICE 2025 will be widely acknowledged leading up to and during the Congress. To increase your visibility to the delegates it may be possible for you to customize a package.

There are many ways to give your brand prominence at the Congress. We offer a range of partnership packages, including but not limited to Congress App sponsorship, hosting a welcome event or sponsoring an evening event.

Gather your suppliers and sister companies together to reserve a co-branded partnership item or a prominent exhibition booth. This is a very cost-effective way to reach-out to your potential customers.

An option to discuss a tailor-made customized partnership package that promotes the benefits of your products and services uniquely is available. The alignment of the Congress program to sponsor company products and services will deliver a meaningful connection to the delegates. To increase your visibility to the delegates it may be possible for you to customise a package.


A wide variety of Partnership opportunities have been designed for AfWASA ICE2025, each containing benefits that will ensure your organisation receives maximum exposure. Partnerships and individual sponsorship opportunities are outlined in the table below and in detail on the following pages.


Max. 1 Sponsor


Max. 2 Sponsors


Max. 4 Sponsors


Max. 8 Sponsors


Max. 12 Sponsors

Program Sponsorships

Limited Numbers

Limited Numbers

Legacy Sponsorships

Multiple Numbers

Exclusive Numbers

Technology, Delegates Services and Communications

Social Events & Catering

Exclusive Numbers

Exclusive Numbers

Exclusive Numbers

Two Opportunities

Multiple Opprtunities

Target audience

The key target audience for the exhibition is the congress delegates, and water professionals from across the full water cycle from more than 90 countries worldwide. In addition to the congress delegates, the exhibition will attract local, regional, and international trade visitors. AfWASA expects over 2,500 participants from the global water sector.

Principal Sponsor

Grundfos was founded in Denmark in 1945 by the young and enthusiastic engineer, Poul Due Jensen, who invented his own water pump for a local farmer and in so doing laid the foundation of what Grundfos is today. 

Grundfos has over the years developed into a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. Through close to 100 companies we are directly accessible in more than 60 countries worldwide where approximately 20,000 employees take pride in helping people availing water where it is needed, using as little energy as possible.

Our headquarters, R&D Centre, and main factory are still in the small Danish town of Bjerringbro where the founder started but today we also have development and production facilities in many other countries including the USA, Hungary, China, India, and Russia. We produce more than 16 million pumps a year and spend around 5% of our annual turnover on the research and development of new innovative products and solutions. Energy efficient pumps are key to environmental sustainability, and it is for this reason that Grundfos has developed and produced its own electronic pump components since 1991.

No matter where in the world you meet Grundfos, our slogan “Possibility in every drop” encapsulates our brand position, showing relentless ambition, optimism and belief that possibilities are everywhere, waiting to be discovered.

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