Overview of the Congress Program

The Congress Program will showcase the next practices and innovations to accelerate safe water and sanitation for all, both through research and practice. The Program will be underpinned by oral/poster presentations, technical sessions, workshops, exhibitions, technical tours, and social events. Plenary sessions will open and close the conference days. 

During the plenary sessions, outstanding experts will address key topics related to the Congress theme and topics. There will also be technical and poster sessions along with workshops and pre-congress seminars. Delegates will also be offered a range of very interesting technical tours aimed at highlighting the progress made in addressing water and sanitation challenges in Uganda.

The program provides for pre-conference workshops which may be run by sponsors, exhibitors, and other interested parties. These events will include: the Young Water Professions Forum, the Women in Water Forum, and the Mayor’s forum.

The African Water and Sanitation Academy (AWASA) is a center of excellence for improving the water and sanitation sector performance in Africa. Its primary purpose is to build the capacity of managers of water and sanitation companies and utilities, as well as decision-makers in the sector in Africa in the various aspects of leadership and change management.

This goal will be achieved by combining in an innovative way scientific, technical and governance aspects of the water and sanitation sector as part of a specific African identity. The official launch of the AWASA will form part of the key activities of the Congress.

The congress opening session will take place in the afternoon of Sunday 16 th  February 2025 and will provide a spectacular introduction to the congress, its theme, and its unique location. Formal welcome addresses will be given in balance with more entertaining features.

Participants and accompanying persons will enjoy an attractive opening of a week fully packed with professional presentations and discussions as well as social events and technical tours.

The key attraction of the opening session is of course the congress keynote that will deal with some of the key challenges and breakthroughs of our times.

The AfWASA ICE 2025 congress program will comprise of a symposium focusing on the congress theme. The symposium will adopt a keynote and panel discussion setting of the best experts and renown persons in the water and sanitation sector.

Plenary sessions will open and close the conference days. There will be a total of five plenary sessions. During the plenary sessions, outstanding experts will address key topics related to the congress theme and tracks.

The technical program will include professional and scientific content with slots each offering from 10 up to 12 parallel sessions and workshops, and with over 600 presentations.

The carefully prepared technical program will offer both specially invited high-profile presentations as well as papers that are selected through the open call for papers procedure.

The call for papers is open for both peer review and non-peer review submissions. The technical program will also include side events organized by partners.

As part of AfWASA’s commitment to develop new partnerships and ensure it responds to the needs of its members, the Kampala congress will include a special Forum for the Chief Executive Officers of utilities and member institutions.

The forum will offer the opportunity for busy Chief Executive Officers to network with like-minded colleagues from around the world. As well as a forum for discussing the latest trends in our industry, it will also enable the Chief Executive Officers to discuss organizational and policy issues associated with the evolving role of utilities in addressing Africa’s water and sanitation challenges.

It will be a special event for CEOs to attend in conjunction with the congress. By invitation only.

The AfWASA Kampala congress will provide opportunities and networking for delegates to leverage and build business partnerships. Opportunities for One-to-One Business meetings will be provided for delegates to engage and connect with potential business partners.
Before the event every attendee will receive a link to a database where they can see important information about all delegates. Everyone is invited to submit online a prioritized list of up to 10 people that they would like to meet. Individual meeting schedules for delegate based upon those choices, will be sent before the congress.

The Congress shall provide a themed Round Table Exchange Session where water and sanitation experts will host a table of 10 on a variety of different water and sanitation related topics. Delegates will be required to sign up to the discussion and table of their choice and spend the exchange session with fellow water and sanitation professionals that share the same professional interests and challenges.

The Congress will include the Innovations Forum specifically designed to introduce new and innovative solutions in the water and sanitation sector.

The AfWASA recognizes that to make positive change happen quickly, it is important that outstanding performers and innovations should be recognized and broadcast widely.

During the Kampala Congress, AfWASA will offer several prizes including the AfWASA YWP Prize, Best Project, Best Innovation in Sanitation, and Best Innovation in Water, among others. The prizes will be presented during the Gala dinner.

An excellent program of social events has been put together for AfWASA ICE 2025 that promises delegates and partners a tantalizing taste of some of the great locations, food, and drinks of Kampala and Uganda. The social program also provides additional networking opportunities for the international participants in a relaxed atmosphere. The following are some of the planned social events:

Welcome reception Sunday 16th February 2025

An invitation is extended to all delegates and registered accompanying persons to attend the official welcome reception. This is an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships and make new acquaintances as we welcome you to Kampala with delicious food and refreshments. Welcome reception is included in the registration fees for delegates and accompanying persons. If you require additional tickets please indicate on your registration form.

AfWASA President’ s dinner – Sunday 16th February 2025

The AfWASA president’s dinner will be on invitation only.

Young Water Professionals Outing – Sunday 16th February 2025

Our young water professionals have organized an absorbing pre-congress outgoing for the young and young-at-heart water professionals. Don’t miss out on experiencing the Big Banana at NIGHT.

Gala Dinner & Innovations Award Ceremony– Wednesday 19th February 2025

The gala dinner will feature a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a social experience of Kampala city with fabulous food & beverages in a beautiful and relaxed environment, all under one roof.

Delegates and exhibitors are invited to bid farewell to the congress and its host city in an informal environment. Join us as we toast to a successful congress. The dinner will be a memorable ending to AfWASA ICE2025. During the Gala Dinner, the AfWASA Awards will also be given to the winners.

The cost of the Gala dinner is not included in the registration fee for delegates and accompanying persons. If you require tickets to these events please indicate the number of tickets required on your registration form.

Several attractive and informative Technical Tours are being organized to complement the congress experience. These tours will visit sites and organizations of particular interest to congress delegates and have been organized at times that do not clash with the relevant technical sessions. The delegates will be transported by bus to and from the selected sites.

For Further information, follow the link.

These tours have been designed for participating delegates and accompanying persons. Only the best aspects of Uganda and its environs have been incorporated to provide value for money for persons whose time is at a premium. All sightseeing tours include the services of a guide, all entry fees, meals, and accommodation, where specified.

All tours are based on a minimum number of participants. If this number is not reached, alternative places will be allocated strictly in order of receipt of bookings.

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