Call For Papers

AfWASA ICE2025 is the main water and sanitation event in Africa in 2025. Therefore proposals for papers are requested on the different topics indicated below under the following tracks:


  • Climate change resilience and adaption
  • Source protection and catchment management
  • Modelling for water resource management
  • Water, energy and food nexus


  • Water treatment technologies
  • Water Supply systems
  • Non-Revenue Water Management
  • Pro-poor and rural water services
  • Water quality management
  • Innovative water supply tools, systems and practices


  • Sewered and non-sewered services
  • Solid waste management
  • Sanitation safety planning
  • Wastewater treatment technologies and Faecal sludge
  • Resource recovery and circular economy
  • Innovative sanitation tools, systems and practices


  • Water and sanitation operators’ partnerships
  • Career building and competencies development
  • Performance benchmarking and networking
  • Private sector participation
  • Communication tools and systems
  • Efficient utility management and operation


  • Policies, reforms and institutional frameworks
  • Innovative finance
  • Pricing and cost recovery
  • Local market-financing mechanisms


  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovations and big ideas
  • Research and funding
  • Digital water

This call for Papers is for both peer-reviewed papers and non-peer-review papers

Abstracts for non-peer review and full papers for the peer review process have to be submitted by 15 June 2024. The abstract shall not exceed 250 to 500 words in length describing the objectives, results, conclusions, and significance of your work. Please feel free to submit an abstract on any topic related to the specific topics of AfWASA ICE2025.

If you want to present a peer review paper at the congress you shall submit your full paper by 15 June 2024. The peer review process is double-blind and deadlines for different steps can be seen below under important dates.

Submit Your Paper / Abstract

Important Dates

Deadlines for submitting abstracts, papers and registration are:

Non-Peer Reviewed Papers: Deadline for authors to submit non-peer-reviewed abstracts.

Peer-Reviewed Papers: Deadline for authors to submit non-peer-reviewed abstracts.

Non-Peer Reviewed Papers:

Confirmation to authors of acceptance of non-peer reviewed abstracts. First draft of the technical program will be published on the congress website

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

First notification of acceptance to authors of peer reviewed papers. For accepted papers, authors will also be notified of any modification required by the reviewers. Authors of papers not accepted for peer review will be offered to convert the paper to non-peer review process.

Deadline for authors to submit revised full paper for 2nd round of peer review (depending on the proposed corrections from reviewers)

Second notification to authors of acceptance of peer reviewed papers with possibility of further modification from 2nd round of peer review 

Technical Program 

Deadline for all authors to submit Full Papers

Early bird registration close and deadline for all authors to register

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